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Who We Are

Woven Wonder is an evolving online community that was born out of the idea of finding a way to integrate both intentional family living and intentional education of young children. We offer training for family life and school life. We will soon have a blog, podcast and e-books.  

Who We Hope to Become

The vision is giant. Woven wonder seeks to be a collective of amazing and inspiration livers bringing their ideas and wisdom to everyone. Blogs, podcasts, training Oh MY!!! If you want to get involved in the collective as a teacher or learner please join us! 

The Woven Wonder Way

* inspire families and educators to be their very best selves 

* continue to the journey of life long learning

* create an online tribe  and support each other to be heard and understood 

* bring new and innovative ideas to each other about family life and classroom life in a way that is both affordable, convenient and sustainable 

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