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Learning a New Language: Encourage positive self esteem, growth mindset and deep connection




How we talk to our children matters! Our words become their inner voice. This workshop looks at the language we use with children and how we can change the language we are conditioned to use, to be more inclusive and encouraging. We will examine key phrases that we have a habit of using, including "Be careful", "No!" and "You're okay." We will dive into how these phrases affect children and what we can say INSTEAD of these things.

****This workshop in appropriate for both educators and parents.*****

Professional Development: This course is 4 credit hours of professional development. All Quizzes and projects will need to be complete for credit

Rethinking Circle Time: Seasonal Movement Circles


This course will be live on Facebook on March 25, April 1 and 8. 

Attend the live webinars free OR 

You can enroll now for only $5! You will have lifetime access to the recordings and materials and can receive 3 hours of PD credit! 

 This training will look at alternatives to calendar time, traditional circles and read alouds. It will dive into the world of engaging the imagination through puppet plays and developing fine and gross motor skills through a seasonal movement circle. We will also examine age appropriate expectations and learning outcomes. 

Trouble with Letting Go:A Gentle Approach to Separation Anxiety



Transition into the care of a another person, whether it is a grandparent, teacher, babysitter, can be a struggle for children. Some more than others. This workshop looks at how we can build a deep connection and strategies we can use to help ease the transition.

This is a 6 module course addressing different aspects of preparing for and helping with Separation Anxiety. Each module come with a printable e-book! 

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Woven Wonder is an evolving online community that was born out of the idea of finding a way to integrate both intentional family living and intentional education of young children. We offer training for family life and school life. We will soon have a blog, podcast and e-books.  


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The vision is giant. Woven wonder seeks to be a collective of amazing and inspiration livers bringing their ideas and wisdom to everyone. Blogs, podcasts, training Oh MY!!! If you want to get involved in the collective as a teacher or learner please join us! We offer professional development for preschool and family friendly courses. 


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* inspire families and educators to be their very best selves 

* continue to the journey of life long learning

* create an online tribe  and support each other to be heard and understood 

* bring new and innovative ideas to each other about family life and classroom life in a way that is both affordable, convenient and sustainable 

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